Home Users

Time has a way of erasing details, which is why photos represent a long-lasting investment, often spanning generations. Photos tell our story and remind us of who we are. Unfortunately, these valuable cherished moments are commonly stored on home computers.

In addition to photos, other important documents and information are stored on home computers including but not limited to email. In recent years 65 percent of Australians surveyed noted that their most recent data loss came from a desktop or laptop hard drive. Further, email continues to be a popular medium for criminals hoping to target the unwary with scams, phishing and malicious software (malware).

Valuable photos, important documents and emails can be lost forever in a catastrophic hardware or system malfunctions, software corruption, computer viruses and malware, theft or natural disasters. Fortunately, data loss is preventable by backing up regularly using idrive, which is a safe and secure method of online data transfer and storage. It is as simple as signing up, downloading the software, and backing up data. Restoration of data is equally simple. idrive’s support staff can provide assistance, as required.

Small Business Users

According to Stay Smart Online, more than 693, 000 Australian businesses have experienced a cybercrime. Sixty percent of all targeted attacks affected small to medium sized businesses, with an average cost of a cyber-crime attack estimated to be $276,323. Fifty three percent of this cost is related to detection and recovery. The indirect costs of a cyber-attack includes business disruption (40%), information loss (29%), revenue loss (25%), lost productivity (29%) and equipment damage (4%). Meanwhile, the average time to resolve a cyber-attack is 23 days.

However, companies are no longer just at risk of losing data due to external threats such as hacking and compromises, they are, in fact, in even graver danger due to employee negligence or maliciousness. If data loss is due to a malicious insider, employee or contractor then the average time to resolve such attack increases to 51 days1. Further, the cost of recovering lost data via the services of a data recovery Company can be an expensive exercise costing in the realms of thousands of dollars. Further, depending on the how the data was lost, in extreme cases your important data may not be recoverable. Companies that aren’t able to resume operations within a short timeframe are not likely to survive. Thus, the most important question for any business owner is “will my business be able to survive a data loss”.

It is important to note that data loss is preventable, companies have to be vigilant with backing up their data. The best and most cost effective way to do this is to acquire an automated service that requires no thought or input to work. idrive online backup service, does exactly that. Your important data is backed up regularly and transmitted over the internet and securely stored on a server in a safe and secure data center located in Australia. Provided data is backed up regularly, restoration is fairly simple using the idrive services.